Mind your own business: Field week 4

This week has all been about making our products ready to sell on Friday’s presale event and Tuesday’s sales event. I spent most of the week at home creating the chocolates for our chocolate cards which unfortunately took a lot longer to create than expected. They all came out really well though and thankfully worked as expected, I did come across a few problems mainly being the chocolates being very thin and brittle but to solve this I layered up the rest with a bit more chocolate for strength. By the end of the week I’d created over 30 chocolates that could be sold on our Friday presale and I had 16 in the fridge setting for our sale on Tuesday. I packaged them all up ready to be stuck onto the front of our postcard designs.

Our presale went really well although the morning was extremely quiet. To conquer this I had the idea of walking around the university with some products and selling them around the university, this way we could not only sell elsewhere but could use this opportunity to promote our product. We managed to sell around £60 worth of stock by the end of the 4 hours which meant that we only had to make £40 on Tuesday until we started to make our own profit.

Over the weekend I plan on making more chocolates whilst the rest of my collective prepare the rest of the cards so we can put them together ready for our sale on Tuesday. On Monday we need to finish making our sales stand which is all planned and just needs to be created. The stand it rather simple but should look really eye catching and hopefully draw customers in.

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