Mind your own business: Field week 3

Last week we made sure that all our designs were created so that this week we could start preparing for manufacture. Chloe had tested out the vacuum form machine with our molds and it worked perfectly, it also gave us an estimated cost of each chocolate slab so that we could sort out prices.

I did some research into pricing and went around the university with our prototype chocolate card asking how much people would pay for both the chocolate card and the screen printed cards. This was also a good opportunity to get the word out about our company and when we’d be selling. The research told us that people were mostly happy to pay £3.49 for the chocolate and around £2 for the card which gives us a good profit margin for each product.

Thankfully the plastic used for vacuuming forming was food safe and we create 4 molds of each so that they’d be ready to create our plastic cards. Me and Aniqah prepared the screens for printing on Thursday and the plan is to print and make the chocolate cards all next week ready for our presale on Friday. The presale should give us a good opportunity to test the waters and make sure the products sell as well as spreading the word out our company and getting people to come on the 9th.

Our sales stand has been designed and we need to start making that which we should be able to start text week. We want to keep it simple but stand out so that we attract as many customers as possible. I went to a carpet should to pick up 3 large cardboard inner poles which we are going to use either side of our stand and paint them like candy canes which should hopefully attract people to come over to our stand and see what we’re selling.

On Thursday we also had a guest speaker called Dan who is a freelance graphic designer and came up with the idea for Design Stuff Wales. Design stuff Wales is a self-funding event every month which has guest speakers from different design companies give talks about design. I’d never heard of it before but it sounds like a great place to meet new people who share the same passion as me. Dan was very honest and talked about how hard it was to set up and business and how we shouldn’t care what other people think of what we do. One of the things that I really liked was how he was saying that if we are passionate about something we should do it no matter what others may say, if it fails it fails but we learn from that and can improve next time. I personally thought his approach to his own ideas was great and his talk was really engaging and informative in a light hearted but meaningful way. I will definitely look into going to Design Stuff Wales next time it runs.

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