Mind your own business: Field week 2

This week has been about getting all of our product designs together and starting to prepare everything ready for the making of the product next week. Over the weekend I thought of a product which we could sell alongside the cards which was chocolate love hearts with our chosen comical phrases formed on them. Everyone seemed to like the idea and we discussed it more on Monday’s meet up which is where Chloe thought of a great idea. Chloe had been off the week before but we kept in up to date with what was going on and her idea was to make chocolate cards with our phrases on. Taken from my love heart idea, instead of love hearts we’d create individual chocolate squares that would have a phrase on and a card attached to the pack so that it could be written on and given to a partner or friend. I spent the rest of the day coming up with different designs for each card so that as a collective we’d have a range of designs to choose from.

I made sure to research into already existing ideas being careful not to copy them and adapt designs in my own so that our cards were truly original and one of a kind. Throughout the week we adapted the design of the chocolate card until we came up with molding a chocolate design on the front of the chocolate and then placing the phrase on the cellophane that incased the card. We then had a postcard on the back outer casing of the card which could be wrote on and when taken off the phrase would be printed on the other side. This came about as we found that once the chocolate had been eating the person would be left with a blank sided postcard with personal text on the back which wouldn’t have worked as its own individual card.

We then led a blind folded taste test to find out what chocolates were the best tasting for our potential customers. Before running the test we’d already decided to include both white chocolate and milk chocolate in our chocolate card designs. The shape on the card itself for example the bicep for our #STUD design would be created in white chocolate and the square background would be in milk causing the shapes to jump out from the card and be a lot more visible. Our taste text shown that Sainsbury’s milk chocolate came out on top as well as Asda’s white chocolate which can be bought for 30p and 60p. How much of each we’d need to make each mold is still yet to be found out but we’re hoping to calculate that over the weekend.

After selecting the designs which we intended to use Chloe came back with them make from molding clay and we went about making our first mold. Our first attempt was a disaster, we attempted to use molding plaster which I had at home but when the plaster had set over the clay design it gripped too hard and ended up sticking to the design which not only caused the design to break apart but also the mold to fail. We had another idea which was to use the vacuum former but we had to make that the plastic we used was food safe.

So far the field project has been very intense but it should be extremely rewarding. Now that everything’s started to come together I definitely feel like my collective could be really successful in selling our product. As soon as we get our molds made we can start experimenting with melting the chocolate and forming the designs. We can then see just how much we can make and sell the chocolates for.

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