The finished piece

After a few prototypes I’ve created the stand in which the horses head can be places upon. Using wire to reinforce the small box below and the extending the wire out the structure is strong and adds to the head perfectly.

I’ve decided to leave the wire exposed just because I feel that this way it doesn’t really impact on the overall horses head and seamlessly blends into the background. Below is the net that was used to create the stand.


I’ve found this project to be challenging and even though I challenged the overall outcome of the brief I think the way I approached it has allowed me to experiment with something new. I’ve learnt a lot from the project such as wire to strengthen the structure does work but it either needs to be perfectly symmetrical or just not used at all. I think next time I’ll avoid using wire as I think the paper structure will stand on it’s on with the support.

The shapes I’ve used to create the finished head took a long time to measure out and I feel that my approach to this particular¬†model was quite a simple one but I wanted to make sure I kept it simple so I could make mistakes on the way. I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to step it up to the next level and start added more shapes to really capture the shape of an actual horses head as I still feel I have a lot to learn and experiment with.

Overall I’m happy with how the horse turned out. I did feel at one point that the model looked nothing like a horse but I stuck with it and I’m glad I did because as I added more it took shape.

Below is the finished Photoshopped version of the horse where brightened the horse and fixed a few gaps in the paper model. I played around with coloured backgrounds and other finishes but couldn’t quite find one that really felt right. This was the best background I found that worked well with the paper model.

war horse edit

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