War Horse Project

I’ve been given a Christmas project to do with the famous film War Horse and have been given a few options as to how I wish to approach the project. I really want to continue with my work with paper so I’m intending on using some sort of paper approach in my final piece.

I still want to experiment using how paper can create shadows but I also wish to attempt a paper sculpture using a geometric approach. I’ve started to jot down a few ideas but so far I personally think for this project a paper model would be really interesting and challenging to create.

Whilst I think creating the whole horse would be amazing I do feel that for my first paper sculpture it might be a bit too much and I worry that I would be jumping too far into the deep end. A sculpture of a horses head I feel would be challenging but it would give me more time to make mistakes, learn the basics and have a finished piece by the time it needs to be handed in.

I’ve already started looking at the shapes that create a horse body and have tried my best to break down the head into simple shapes that I can build upon to create the horse’s head. By splitting the horse up into simple shapes it gives me a lot more room to experiment and add bits as I go.

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