Finished animation

Below is my finished animation which I’m quite happy with. I think if I had more time I would have made the animation smoother but by the time I got round to edited the images on my computer it took a lot longer than expected.

I’ve learnt a lot whilst making this animation about myself and how I work. It’s been really useful to have some time to play around with how I approach creativity and learn about other peoples approaches too.

I’ve learnt that being playful is really important no matter how silly some people may think it is. Being playful allows me to relax whilst being at my most creative and the outcomes are sometimes quite unexpected but always fascinating and interesting. I’ve found that as I play I forget about the limitations that I put on myself and allow my creativity to run free.

I feel that play in later like is almost forgotten about and we are some what forced to just become as productive as possible and get the job done rather than play with new ideas and be as creative as possible. Unfortunately I think that a lot of jobs don’t allow us to play enough or even at all and it’s a real shame as it’s not only fun but allows us to relax and come up with ideas and solutions that we may not have even thought about if we weren’t allowed to play around. Being playful is extremely important in all types of jobs for our overall wellbeing.

Exploring a new approach to making a stop animation was challenging but I learnt a lot and feel that although I didn’t find it as productive as moving the image with my hand I will definitely consider combining both approaches in my next project and see how that works out.

Overall I’m very happy with what I learnt about myself over the past 5 weeks and I feel it’s helped in how I will approach my work from now on. Lifting the creative limitations that I put upon myself has given me a great sense of freedom in my work.


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