Animation so far…

The animation so far is going well but I’ve come to realise that moving the images on the computer instead of with my hand takes a lot more time and is a lot harder. As I’ve started on the computer I will continue but I definitely think that next time I make a stop animation movie I will go back to moving the images with my hand.

Whilst doing my animation I have explored how I work in different locations. I usually work in my room alone so I can focus and don’t have any distractions but as this field module is all about exploring new ways of working I’ve decided to try out different ways of working.

I first tried working in the lounge with my friends who were also doing work and I found it very distracting, although we were all working when someone spoke I lost my trail of thought which slowed me down and caused me to make a few mistakes.

I then took my work to a coffee shop and sat down with my laptop and a coffee. I found this approach better than when I was in the lounge with friends but once again the noise distracted me and at time I found it hard to focus as there was so much going on around me.

Something I did find useful was when I wasn’t actually doing work but was talking to my friends about what I was doing in my project and we shared ideas with each other. Usually I just stick with what I’ve planned but it was really useful to get other people opinions on how they would approach my project.


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