Writing the essay

For my essay I’ve decided to write about the white walkers on the TV series Game of Thrones. I went through quite a few different ideas but decided to go with white walkers as I was inspired by the teaser video for the new Game of Thrones season started next year.

The white walkers have all the characteristics of a monster, they are dead but yet still alive, they expose what we don’t want exposed for example the bodies insides and they have a emotionless with all the emphasis put on the body of the monster.

My first idea was to approach the concept of glamour and write about Zoolander and how he portrays glamorous models in a jokey light hearted but I after a while I felt that doing it on monsters would be more engaging for me personally.

I’ve learnt a lot about glamorous and monstrous qualities and feel that writing a 500 word essay should be quite easy especially if I can find a good photo to analyse.

When I look at monsters now I realise everything we learnt in Cath’s talks were true and I start to take the monster apart bit by bit. I’m not a massive horror genre fan but it’s interesting to discover what concepts cause the reacts I make when I watch a horror film and why I find them so disturbing.

Thinking about if we excepted the idea that we do leak and our body isn’t impenetrable I think we’d find it a lot easier when we see the image of a monster and it wouldn’t bother us half as much but instead we’ve decided to censor ourselves and deny the natural body.

It’s crazy to think that we’re now obsessed with hiding our body of it’s natural functions such as sweating and smelling every day. We plaster ourselves in makeup to hide any imperfections and it’s not just women it’s us men as well, moisturising to fix dry skin, fake tanning to look more bronzed and less pale and even using face masks to tighten our skin.

Nothing is natural anymore and I think we’ve gone a bit over the top with hiding who we really are. Everyone whether they like it or not is fake these days using products to hide their real body for all to see.


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