Photos, sounds and edits

Whilst shooting my animation I’ve added bits and pieces that I’ve felt necessary which I didn’t noticed when I first created my storyboard. One small detail I’ve added was the part where the mobile in the tree hears the chainsaw and sends an alert. After shooting that part of my storyboard I realised that going straight from the man cutting down the tree to the mobile in the tree was a bit confusing as it wasn’t clear where the mobile actually was. To conquer this I decided to add a small bit in-between where I zoomed into the trees pentagon leaves to show exactly where the mobile was positioned, this seemed to help position the mobile when the animation cut to it.

Whilst reviewing my animation I’ve noticed a few things that I’ve had to edit on Photoshop such as shadows etc. As I was shooting the animation I didn’t noticed that in some shots my shadow was slightly in some of the frames as to avoid having to shoot the whole sequence again I bought the images into Photoshop. As the framing of the shot was the same I found the easiest way to remove the shadows was to bring two image into Photoshop, one with the shadow and the same frame but a different shot without the shadow. It was then as easy as copying the section without the shadow over to the one that did to cover it up as it nothing had happened.

I also used Photoshop to remove the wire which I used when shooting the sequence where the illegal logger drops the chainsaw on the ground. To make this scene I shot the frame first without the chainsaw and then attached a wire to the chainsaw from the back and lowered it into place whilst taking photos. I then brought the images into Photoshop and used the shot without the chainsaw to replace the part where the wire was on display in the other shots.chainsaw edit

I’ve also been playing around with some sound effects that I’ve searched for on the internet. I found a great website that has thousands of sounds free as long as I pay attribute to them if I publish my video which I plan on doing so on YouTube. Layering the sounds effects over the images was extremely easy on moviemaker but I did discover a problem which luckily I’ve managed to resolve. The problem was that moviemaker didn’t support having two sound effects playing at the same time and my plan was to have the sound of the forest as a background noise throughout my animation whilst sound effects of the chainsaw and phone were playing. Luckily a quick search on the internet revealed that I could publish my movie with one layer of sound effects then bring the published video back into moviemaker to add a new layer of sound over, I’ve given this a go with the footage I have so far and it works perfectly.

I’m now coming to the end of my animation and for the past couple of days I’ve just been tweaking the timings up with the sound effects and making sure the animation flows nicely. I’ve also decided to add a closing animation of a slow zoom in of the tree with the chainsaw led on the floor next to it. My idea with this was to allow people to reflect on what they have just seen before the animation stops.


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