Shooting the animation

After setting up my desk so I could start shooting my animation I jumped straight into it. I decided the easiest thing to do was to shoot a section at a time to avoid any potentially light changes or character movements that I did not know about. To make sure lighting was the same each time I would close my window and only use the artificial light of my bedroom to light up the set.

Whilst shooting the stop animation there were many times I had to redo a section because I nudged the lighting or a character fell over. I experimented with blue tack, double sided sticky tape and glue dots to keep things in place and found that depending on what it was I’d need to use a different adhesive.

For the characters I decided to use blue tack as it worked best to hold arms in place but was also easily moved when I needed to move the arms, head or legs around. One part that didn’t work quite so well was using blue tack on the feet to keep my characters standing up, although it worked there were many time were the blue tack wasn’t strong enough and my character would slowly start to lean as the blue tack lost grip. I couldn’t find a way around this as double sided sticky take didn’t hold enough and nor did the glue dots so I just ended up using more blue tack to pad the foot out and give the character more hold to the floor.

I used double sided sticky tape for facial features instead of thicker blue tack as this meant features such as eyes were very flat to the face. I used my scalpel to get under the facial features and carefully lift them from the face when I need to show movement such as when the eyebrows lift.

For the camera I mainly used the tripod designed for my phone but for lower shots I ended up using blue tack to fasten my phone to a grooved ruler so secure it in place. It was very DIY feeling but it worked really well and for my first attempt at animation it gave the desired angles that I required. I also used a Bluetooth shutter button so I didn’t have to press on my phone screen to take the photo. This was to insure that I didn’t move the camera accidently when I pressed the screen.

So far it’s going very well and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far. I’ve been adding the images into moviemaker as I go so I can keep track of how I’m doing. I’ve noticed that timing is very important in animation and I’ve had to adjust the frame speed in a lot of my images so that it flows just how I want it to. It’s looking good so far!


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