My pentagon tree and shooting the animation

Whilst creating the tree I came across a few problems that I had to overcome. Creating the tree trunk was actually the easy bit, I twisted a piece of paper which gave the paper a nice natural look and the twists looked like the bark of a tree. I was happy enough with this idea that I did it with brown paper so that it resembled a tree even more.

The harder part was how I could fill the tree with leaves because a tree has so many and considering the timescale it would just take too long to cut them all out. At first I thought about using some oversized leaves to fill the tree but it looked rubbish in comparison with my detailed characters. I’m not quite sure what made me think of my next idea but I’m very glad I did. My second idea was to create three dimensional pentagons that would fill the tree and would be different shapes and colours. I really liked this idea as the pentagons worked really well to not only fill the tree but give the tree a paper engineered look.

Once I had made a few different pentagons I but them together in a way that I felt looked best in the tree but I had a problem, the tree wouldn’t stand up with the weight of the pentagons on top. I thought about using blue tack to hold the tree down but thought this would only stop the tree from falling and wouldn’t actually stop it from potentially bending. I couldn’t take the risk of ruining the tree because people would notice the difference in my animation so I came up with an idea of placing wire in the tree from the bottom to hold the tree in place. I ran wires from the tree roots up into the tree to make it as stable as possible without showing any of the wires on the outside, thankfully this worked brilliant and gave the strength my tree needed to hold up the pentagons.

I decided to use Windows movie maker to create my animation because I’ve been told it’s a very simple piece of software and won’t take long to learn. Considering my timescale and the lack of knowledge I have with stop animation I think this is a safe bet and if I decided to do animation again I might consider looking into using Dragonframe which is the industry standard stop animation software.

I’ve also decided to shoot the animation at home for easy accessibility. There are booths that I can book at university but as I want to spend as much time as I can on this project doing it from home would be a lot easy and allow me to make mistakes that I can avoid in the future.


IMG_5994 IMG_5996 IMG_5997 IMG_6001 IMG_6002

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