Getting stuck in – TED Talk

Given the timescale and my very basic knowledge working with animation I’ve decided to very roughly plan a few things for my animation and just get stuck into making so I can work with stop animation for a longer period. By doing this I have more time to iron out the problems that I am sure to face and it gives me plenty of time to experiment.

In my head I have a very basic plan of an illegal logger arriving at the rainforest and chopping down a tree with his chainsaw, as he does a phone sends a signal to the security guard who then jumps into action and rushes down to stop the illegal logger. When they meet the security guard arrests the logger and then I was thinking of having a bit of text just to explain how recycling your phone can help save the forest.

VillainI came up with a few ideas for the look of the illegal logger and eventually came up with one I think worked well. The character has a beard, wears a beanie hat and has bags under his eyes, I like this design as he looks quite like a villain. The beanie links back to a classic robber with a black beanie and the bags under his eyes and beard gives the impression that he is a rough man who doesn’t care too much about personal hygiene. I intend to make the hero of the stop animation to look more friendly and approachable.

After deciding on a villain I went straight into creating him into the 3D paper model. As I don’t have too long I really want to get my models done as soon as I can so I have plenty of time to play around with the animation. In the future when I’m more comfortable with stop animation I will definitely spend more time developing characters but for now I’m happy to get into the model making.

I also created the top that the logger was going to wear and decided that a dirty vest would work quite well with the character. The dirty vest works well with the characters dirty rough looks and works to show that he is an outcast to the public and has a dark, villainess side.

villain 2Villain 3

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