Goddesses and Monsters

For constellation this year I have chosen Cath Davies subject called Goddesses and Monsters, it’s the one that jumped out at me when I first read about the options and I’m glad I’ve managed to get a place.afbc05efffb14c2f2e6d74cb78750c85

In my first session we looked at the Pygmalion myth in regards to glamour which was actually really quite interesting. Pygmalion after seeing the propoetides was not interested in woman so decided to carve his own woman made of ivory which he fell in love with. On Aphrodite’s festival day he wished that his ivory woman would become real and his wish was granted.

After reading a few theoretical studies and analysing some images there were some reoccurring characteristics that came up. Glamour seemed to be very much linked with shiny, smooth and overall fake ingredients such as diamonds, make-up, luxurious materials.

It was very interesting to see what something glamourous and how for some reason the faker something is the more glamourous it becomes. It definitely made me look at things in a different way and question what is natural in this world.

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