Starting Year Two

I’m excited to come back to University for my second year, the first year was a lot of fun but it’s time to get my head down and really go for it this year.

Over the summer break I was given a project to create a biography for a famous person, I was given Ian Fleming most famous for his James Bond novels. As a big fan of James Bond I was very much looking forward to starting on this project!

By the end of the first year I started to really get into paper engineering and I’m looking to further my knowledge in this subject in my second year. For my summer project I thought this was a perfect way of kicking off my second year in paper engineering so I decided to look into creating pop-ups for my biography.

Over the summer I have took it upon myself to look into paper engineering and how it can be used in different scenarios. I have found some great things and look forward to exploring them more in my second year. Robert Sabuda was one of the many artists I looked into and he inspired me to look into pop-ups in more detail. His pop-up books are truly incredible and extremely complex, I bought a few second hand versions of his books to analyse and take a part so I could understand just how some of his pop-up techniques worked. As well as pop-ups he also uses paper techniques to make images move from side to side and spin on the page, I made sure to look at how these worked too so I could use the techniques in my own pop-up books.

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