Ian Fleming – Summer Project

My summer project was to create a biography in the form of a book for a famous person who I was given by my tutors. I was given Ian Fleming best known for writing the James Bond novels, as I wanted to explore paper engineering more I decided straight away to make a pop-up book. I knew that a pop-up book would be time consuming and challenging but I really wanted to learn something new over summer and paper engineering was something I wanted to explore more as a whole.

I started the project by researching Ian Fleming and planned out a simple timescale of his life highlighting the more interesting parts that I could put in the biography. After researching I decided to base my book on his James Bond books whilst given a brief insight into his life. As I wanted to make a pop-up book I took a break from looking at Ian Fleming and decided to purchase a few Robert Sabuda books to look at.

I’ve always been a big fan of Robert Sabuda and have always been inspired by his incredible pop-up books and thought that it would be a great idea to take apart some of his pop-ups to see how it all works underneath and on the page. Whilst doing this I learnt a few interesting techniques which gave me ideas for my own book which was great. Alongside taking apart Robert’s books I started to draft some ideas for pages in my book.

With some basic pop-up ideas drafted I started to create the pop-ups in white card just to make sure my ideas actually worked, this was very time consuming as not only did I have to plan out the pop-up but I also had to make a draft design before I could even get around to making the actually finished piece.

Although I didn’t manage to complete my book over the summer I learnt many new techniques and am happy with what I achieved. My plan was to challenge myself over summer which I feel I have definitely achieved, pop-ups are a lot harder than expected and take a lot longer than I have thought. The good news is that I now know the basic concepts which should mean that next time I make pop-ups I can create them faster and combine more ideas.

Just so that some pages looked a bit more finished I added some colour, although I actually prefer the white pop-ups to me this didn’t feel like a finished piece for a book.

I look forward to seeing where my next project will take me, I’ve already got some ideas and I look forward to implementing them in future projects.

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