Easter Project complete!

My Easter project has now been completed. The lenticular dragon works really well and I believe it will catch peoples attention when they walk past the display. People have said it’s quite a shocking image which I think is a good thing as I want people to stop and come to see my display. I’m hoping it serves to show just how important this charity is and how giving a little can mean a lot to people.

I love how the books turned out and thing alongside the bunting it makes the table look colourful and inviting. I used the same layout in each of the books so they fitted in nicely together and looked professional.

I’ve really liked this project and to me it’s felt more like an illustrator based project than all the other projects. This project has felt like it could potentially be a job that I could one day be working on which has been great and the freedom to choose my own charity was really nice too as I felt passionate about the charity I was working with.

Because of this project it’s made me rethink what kind of illustrator I want to be. I really enjoy making work that is interactive with the audience and requires audience participation. I’m definitely going to look into making more work like this and see how far I can take it. I’ve already started to look into paper engineering and how I could use that to make my work really interesting and exciting for the audience.

So far the people I have spoke to really like my work and think that the shock factor of the crumbling dragon works really well to get the audiences attention so I’m very happy with my work.


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