Easter Project – Book problems

I started creating my books for my display but I’ve noticed a problem. I started off by designing the net which would make up my books but when I put it all together the book was very flimsy and didn’t look very professional.

After making one I decided that a better idea would be to create the books using foam board to strengthen the whole thing up. I redesigned my net and made another book and it worked extremely well. The book was sturdy and looked a lot more professional. To keep in consistency with already existing Size of Wales promotional goods I’ve decided to make all the books in different bright colours which I feel will work well and will also catch the audiences attention.

I’ve also made the bunting which was very easy. I made a small doubled sided triangle which I used to cute out lots of coloured triangles which I then folded and attached to a piece of string. It’s a very simple idea but I think it will add to my display nicely.


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