Easter Project – Chosen idea

I’ve decided to create an interactive poster which changes as someone walks past. The idea is to create a simple lenticular poster made from triangles, I first thought about drawing a green Welsh land that changes to a crumbling rotting Welsh land as the audience pass but I then thought that a lot of people wouldn’t make the connection that it’s Wales. I then had a better idea to use the Welsh dragon using the same idea but as it would be the Welsh dragon more people would recognise this and being bright red it would catch the audiences attention.

I’ve made a very simple rough design of the lenticular idea and it seems to work very well so my next step will be to draw two dragons one whole and the other crumbing. Being at home I have limited materials and I need to think about getting it back to Cardiff so I’m planning on making the design A3 so it is easy enough to get back to Cardiff in once piece.

As well as my poster I’m hoping to add something else but I have yet to decide on what this might be yet. I’m hoping to add another interactive element possibly to do with the books that seem to make a regular appearance on current Size of Wales advertisement material.


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