Easter Project – Start

I’ve been asked to create a small campaign for a chosen charity, I’m looking forward to this as it feel like a project that could potentially be a real job for me one day.

I’ve started my looking at different charities and have come across one called Size of Wales. Size of Wales aim to save an area of rain forest the size of wales in Africa each year and focus on 5 different projects that aim to achieve this. I’ve always had strong feelings about saving forests and protecting the animals and this charity seems like a really good one to focus on, especially seeing as they are based in Wales which makes it quite fitting.

I’d like to take a step back and look into how I can make the audience interact with my work like I did in my foundation course so I’ll be looking into how I can do this. I feel especially for charities any audience participation is very important and I’m hoping this will also help the appeal aim at both adults and children.

Whatever I decide to do I will stick to the current Size of Wales colour palette so that it fits in nicely with the charities image.



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