Constellation last lesson before Easter Break

Today we focused on the Harajuku street style of japan and analysed a piece of text to work out the influences and cultural context of the style. I feel I’m getting quite good at not only analysing a photo but also a piece of text to work out key points that make up a certain style and it’s influences.


We were also had a brief talk about our essay that we need to plan over the Easter holiday. I’ve decided to stick to my tribal tattoo idea and how the cultural tattoos are now more of a fashion element and just need as stylish patterns rather than actually meaning something deeper.

I’ve decided to stick to this idea as I feel quite strongly about the issue and I’m really not a fan of tribal tattoos. Saying that I will keep an open mind and research both sides to write up an equally sided essay. I need to find a minimum of 2 images so I’m hoping to find an image of a tribe with tribal tattoos and then a photo of a man who has a tribal tattoo who obviously has no connection to any tribe. If I can I will find a photo of a tribe that has moved into the 21st century yet still wear their tribal tattoos with pride to show that you don’t have to dress like a original part of the tribe to wear tribal tattoo in the way they were once meant to be worn.

Over term 2 I’ve become a lot more confident and knowledgeable when analysing a photo or piece of text. I find it a lot easier to now take apart an image and analyse individual parts to find style influence and cultural context. I’m more than confident I’ll be able to analyse my own image that I find and although I don’t like writing essays the way the three column system works will definitely make it a lot easier.


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