Analysing Punk style

Punk is an awesome style to analyse, I find it the most interesting out of all the styles we’ve done so far because it was one of the major styles that happen here in Great Britain and was also the start of many of my favourite bands.

We looked at the way in which the Sex Pistols presented themselves not with what they wore but how they advertised their songs and their brand. It made a nice change to take apart something other than what someone was wearing.


As usual we started by describing what we could see for example the Union Jack in the background and the we analysed what this could mean. The Union Jack represented patriotism and was obviously very iconic in Great Britain but this was then played off against the fact that the Queen had her eyes and mouth missing which shown violence and the fact she has no control.

It was a really interesting change to what we usually analyse. Describing and analysing was then followed by reading a piece of text which described the punk style and how it could be linked into what we wrote.

Punk isn’t really around now but a lot has been taken from the style and has influenced a lot of music and styles that we wear now, the ripped jeans for example and the borrowed objects which is now not so much DIY but is already on the shelves in the shops.


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