Helping with the canvas


Today I went in to help paint the canvas that our fine artist is making. As it’s going to be the main draw in for our exhibition it’s very important that it is finished.

It was actually really fun working on a huge canvas and I’d love to do it again. There’s a lot more that needs to be painted but I’m hoping to come in again to help. The graphic designer came in to help to and the product designer came in later to help a bit so it’s become quite a team effort to get this finished.

I’ve decided that I will finish my first series of paintings on the Pier Head building but after that I’ll create a few cartoon paintings to attract the younger audience to our exhibition. One thing we did get from our tutor feedback was that we needed to settle on a potential audience so after some thought we decided to aim our exhibition at families with young primary school children.

We still have yet to see any 3D models so I’m getting a bit worried that the interactive side of the exhibition could be lost but hopefully our product designer can make something, apparently there’s been a bit of an issue getting the blue foam to create the models so I’m not quite sure what he’s been doing over the week. I suppose as our work is quite separate it’s quite hard to make sure everyone is doing something.


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