Field project potential problems

Today we met up to show the rest of the group what we’ve been doing and have a talk about how everything is going. Unfortunately our product designer who was planning on making the models has been ill so the 3D models have not been started yet which is slightly worrying as that’s one of the main interactive elements we had planned. Also the sound element has been pushed aside for now as we didn’t get a very good recording when we visited the bay because of the wind and we’re not quite sure if we will be able to get our hands on speakers.

On the plus side the graphic designer has started to create some really good informative posters that look really professional and the fine artist has started on the huge painting of the bay that will be our exhibition back drop. As the back drop is so big we have all decided to come in to help paint to make sure it is finished on time. I’m quite used to using paints but not on a big scale like this so it should be interested to see how I get along.

We’ve had to rethink how many elements will be included in our exhibition as we’re running out of time. I’ve managed to nearly finish one set of paintings but I may have to rethink my plan as I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to make another set.


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