Visit to the bay

We visited the bay as a group to have a look at what we’d be showcasing in our exhibition. We’re thinking of making the exhibition space an interactive space to do with the past, present and possible future of the bay.

So far I’m planning on making a series of painting of past, present and future representations of certain iconic buildings in the bay such as the Pier Head building. The graphic designer plans on making a series of posters with information on certain buildings and the product designer plans on making a series of 3D models. We seem to be struggling a bit to find what the fine artist in our group can do but there has been talk of a large canvas painting of the bay so act as the back drop of our exhibition.

We’re still waiting to hear back from our tutor as to whether we will be able to use the four chimney  space for our exhibition but fingers crossed we can otherwise we’ll have to put together our own exhibition space which might set us back a little.

I plan on starting my series of painting this week and the other members of the group said they will get along with their work too. Although very separate at the moment our pieces should come together nice to create a really good exhibition space. We’ve created a Facebook group so that we can keep in contact with each other, my only worry is that one of the members doesn’t pull their weight considered we are all working on our own separate work until the final week.



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