Start of my field project

We’ve now started our field project in mixed disciplinary groups which I’m excited to start. I’m in a group with a Graphic Designer, Product Designer and Fine artist so it should be really interested to see what we come up with in the next few weeks.

We started by discussing what we had done in our City Speaks project and it seemed like we all took very different approaches which was good but at first it was a bit of a struggle trying to workout what we could all do together. After a few brainstorms we came up with an exhibition space that we decided would primarily be about Cardiff Bay. As we all have very different skills we believe that making an exhibition space will allow each of our skills to be used to their best potential.

I don’t usually work in groups as I like to have complete control over my own work but I look forward to seeing what can be achieved in the next few weeks. I feel I’ve been very lucky as I get along with my group very well, we’re all quite confident in the way we work and seem to gel really well together.

The plan for tomorrow is to visit the bay so we can get a better feel of what we’ll be showcasing in our exhibition. So far we plan on making the exhibition space an interactive exhibition with moveable elements are well as sounds. I think it’ll be quite a lot of work but fingers crossed we can pull it off.


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