Smells Like Teen Spirit: Week 3


Today’s constellation was all to do with hip-hop! We started off by analysing a photo of Run DMC and the Beasty Boys using the same techniques that we have used in the past 2 weeks, describe what you see, analyse the meanings and theoretical underpinning. I feel I’m becoming quite good at analysing photos in this way and find it a lot easier to take a photo apart to work out the characteristics and statements of the styles.

This time we were given a short write up of  the hip-hop style which we used to back up our analyse of the image which was surprisingly a lot easier than expected. By using the simple 3 column technique I feel it would be very easy to write up a short essay on the style myself which is great because that’s what I’ll have to do for my essay.

I’m still considering writing my essay on tattoos but more focused on tribal tattoos and how I feel they have lost a lot of the meanings behind them considering how many people have them just because they think they look “cool”. I’ve always loved tattoo art and feel quite strongly about tribal tattoos, I personally don’t like them myself and feel it’s quite disrespectful to tribes that actually wear their tribal tattoos as a way to represent their tribal origins.


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