Smells Like Teen Spirit: Week 1

Today was the first Term 2 constellation lecture. I’m really looking forward to my constellation this term and I think Cath’s subject is going to be really interesting.

First we were given a quick run through of what to expect in the weeks to come and then we started off my analysing a photo of Madonna. The photo was from her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990 where she wore Gaultier’s corset which challenged gender theory.

We started by describing what we could see then analysed the meanings and finally we had to back our thoughts up with academic perspectives. At first it just looked like any old photo but it wasn’t until we started to pick out different components that I discovered just how much was going on in the photo.

The 3 column technique of analysing a photo is something I’ve never done before but it makes it really easy for a photo to be taken apart and understand in a way that I’ve never thought about before. When I first looked at the photo of Madonna I didn’t really think much of it but it wasn’t until I started to pick out things such as the corset design that I understood the photo in a complete different more academic way.

By the end of the term 2 I am required to write a 2500 word essay about a subject of my choice and my first thoughts are to write about tattoos and the meanings behind them. I’ve always been into tattoos and think it could be a really interesting subject that I’d be passionate to write about.



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