Visiting the city – More thoughts

Today I visited the city centre again to explore and take some photos of my surroundings. I’m really interested in what makes up a city and not so much the city as a whole. I have found that whilst walking through the city I never usually look down or up and there’s so much of the city that I’m missing for example the architecture of the shop buildings and the litter and patterns on the floor.

Earlier I drew the tops of the shops whilst sat in a first floor coffee shop, if you look at my drawing you wouldn’t really understand what it was or where it was to but it’s part of the city nether the less. I like the idea of drawing hidden parts that just fall into the background of the city whilst the shops and busy atmosphere takes centre stage.

Whilst walking through the city I noticed that there was a lot of rubbish on the floor especially around McDonalds. Thinking about it there always seems to be McDonalds rubbish scattered around the cities that I visit and has seemed to become a common sight, although not a fixed part of the city it’s something that in some ways represents a part of the city when we visit.

I’m still very interested in looking at the hidden city and showing snippets of the environment that provokes thought and mystery to the audience.


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