Castle Coch – Walking back into the city

Today we walked out of the city so that we could walk back into it and re-experience how the city speaks to us and makes us feel.

From the university we walked through a park and eventually after around an hour and a half of walking we ended up at Castle Coch. Whilst walking up to the castle it looked very impressive but most were greeted with disappointment when we found it had been closed for maintenance so we couldn’t explore inside. Instead we spent half an hour walking around the castle whilst some sketched out some of the surroundings.

On the walk back it didn’t really feel like we were entering the city because of the route we had taken. Although it was the fastest route to the castle it was mostly made up of quiet housing estates and a park so I didn’t really get a feel for the city.

I didn’t really find this exercise useful at all especially considering we didn’t actually venture anywhere near the city centre. Although seeing Castle Coch was nice it didn’t really feel that it related to the project but I’d quite like to visit again when it’s open to the public.


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