Completion of the Propechy project

I found this project quite challenging as I wasn’t sure which way to take it. I first thought about looking into future architecture and from that creating my own 3D models of buildings out of paper and card but then I drifted away from that and started looking into nature.

I decided to imagine a world where wildlife was so close to extinction that we started to create our own to replace them. I started by drawing a mechanical frog jumping through the air but it wasn’t long until I also lost interest in this idea too.

Finally I looked into future technology and how it would affect our lives, from there I started to sketch people from the future and imagined how technology would change how we look and get around. At first I was going to write each persons identity for example business man and teenager but then I thought it would be more interesting to leave that out and let my audience decide what they wanted the characters to be.

I experimented with colours and decided to only use greys and a turquoise, the turquoise would be used to highlight future technology and the grey would cover everything else. Using only 2 colours my characters all fit in together and you can tell they are part of the same display.

Once finished I put them up on the wall with a small title underneath and found a light that perfectly covered all my drawings and made it all stand out.

I’m very pleased with how my work finally turned out, it was a shame that it took me so long to decide on what I wanted to do but I feel happy with my end product and can see me coming back to the future of humanity in the future.


Propechy light


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