Trenches – Finished story

After playing around with my objects I’ve changed my original idea. I originally planned on created a step by step story with different scene and locations but after deciding to use 2 of the items for my soldiers I really liked the idea of keeping the same format throughout with a hidden message forming as the story progresses.

One of the most powerful objects I picked out was the broken poppy that was on the floor. I thought it could create a really powerful image at the end of the story when it came together as one so I decided to have the poppy either end of my story not only to slowly form throughout the story but also to frame the soldiers.

The cigarette soldier I felt was a really good idea. One of the soldiers in the poem dies during a gas attack and I thought the burnt out cigarette represented a soldier that had his final day. For this idea I started with a full cigarette and when the gas attack happens it starts to burn out like a dying choking soldier.

I stuck very closely to the poem and used bending of the nails to create sadness and exhaustion. I’m really happy with how my final story came together and feel it represents the poem really well.



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