The Trenches

Our new project is based on giving life to inanimate objects to tell a story. We’ve been given a range of poems to work with the main focus being on a poem called Dulce Et Decorum Est which is about soldiers in the trenches during the first world war.

To start the project I decided to go outside and choose a range of objects which I could use for my story, I didn’t want to think about what the objects could be at first as I thought it would be more interesting to decide this after rather than tie myself down too soon. My chosen objects were mostly man made some of which being a screw, a bottle cap, a burnt out cigarette and a bolt.

I have a few ideas of what my objects can represent at the moment but I’ve been asked to create a trench first so I will focus on that and come back to my objects when I can place them all together inside my trench.

This project I feel might be quite challenging as I’d prefer to draw soldiers as actual soldiers rather than trying to show the same emotions and connectivity using inanimate objects but I’m hoping it’ll teach me a few things about giving life and meaning to everyday objects.


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