Part two complete

The second half of the time passing project has come to and end and I’ve ended up with what I feel is a good range of work. I wanted to experiment with as many different time intervals as possible so I created a images that weren’t only seconds apart but minutes and hours apart too.

From the start of my project I wanted to play with seasons passing and using the trees in the image to show the passing of time, I couldn’t think of a way to fit this in with the narrative of my images so I decided to create a separate set of images to show the seasons passing. I loved how a simple change in colour could emphasise the change in season and thought it was a really interesting concept that I’d definitely like to explore more in my own work and in future projects.

I used a limited palette of colours which I used to highlight key objects in my story the main object being the ladies purse that was stolen during my story. By only colouring certain items in the pictures I could draw the audiences attention to them and control where the audiences looked whilst going through the story. Thinking about it now I think I should have kept to only colouring the bag and leaving everything else black and white as it is the main focus of the story the sometimes the other colours take away from this.

Below is my time passing story with my extra seasons piece of work.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


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