Time Passing – Part two

For the second part of the 40 images project we’ve been asked to create a series of sketches that show different moments in time in relation to our original chosen photograph. I’ve been asked to experiment with the passing of time and create a narrative for my photo and as I made up a murder for my 40 images I’ve decided to work on a short story of how it all happened and the gathering of the crowd afterwards.

I really enjoyed the 40 images project and this project is very much on the same lines so I’m sure I will enjoy this one too. I have in my mind that the murder happened because the shady man wanted the woman’s purse so I intend on highlighting key objects in my scenes with a splash of colour.

As I can explore any amount of time I’d like to not only play around with seconds passing but also minutes and possibly even years passing after the crime. I intend on creating the same scene at different times of the year, this may not fit in with the narrative but I could display it as a different piece of work which works alongside the narrative. As the photograph has trees in it I’m thinking about using these as clear signs of time passing, for example in winter the leaves would have fallen off and only bare branches would be left.


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