The Sensorial Object – Curation of an exhibition

Today in our key note we had Natasha Mayo who told us about how she arranged her exhibition which took place in September 2013. The exhibition was called The Sensorial Object and intended to make the audience explore the sensory capacity of the familiar/domestic object. Below are some photos of the artwork shown at the exhibition.


First we watched 3 short videos on how different artists explored material values through different ways of making. The artists we watched were all ceramicists but they all took a different approach as to how they came up with their final pieces of artwork.

Each of the artists that showcased their work in the exhibition were asked to come up with a small segment to add to the catalogue to give the audience an insight into the working process of their artwork. Natasha Mayo also invited theorists to look at the artwork and write up what they thought about the artwork so the audience could re-engage the artwork in a different way.

The exhibition looked really interesting and it was really useful to learn how Natasha came to put it all together. I think this will definitely help if I’m ever in charge of putting my own exhibition together and I’ll definitely take some of the points I learnt into consideration.


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