End of the colour project

Today was the final day of our colour project which I’ve really enjoyed, I love using bright vibrant colours in my artwork so this was right up my street.

I found the project quite challenging at times as I usually use black to outline my artwork and I wasn’t allowed to use black at all. It was quite interesting experimenting with other colours to make darker shades and thinking differently about how to use the colours.

I stuck mostly to real to life colours as I enjoy making artwork that looks realistic but I did experiment with how colours could be used in different ways to create different moods within the pictures. Creating the different colour palettes was challenging but I learnt a lot about how colours work together.

My first drawing was to represent the hand coming out from the prison window. I didn’t want to make the picture too obviously and wanted to approach it from a different angle so that it made the audience think about what it was supposed to represent. I wanted to make a contrast between the darker shades of the wall and the bright blue that the hand is reaching out too. The contrast was supposed to show the dark cold sad lonely feeling that I feel would be given off from a prison and the bright happier tones of the blue sky almost like a sense of the sky relating to freedom.

I was really happy with my second image I felt it successfully created a dark gloomy feel to the graveyard scene in the story. This was actually a lot easier to create then I first expected as I felt that black would have to be used to get the right mood. I also enjoyed the perspective I decided to use and feel it adds a new depth to my image, I feel the roots helped towards the creepy dark moods that I was trying to represent.

The last of my three images was actually my least favourite but I enjoy the mystery that I created by only showing the mans shoe walking off the page. I choose this part of the story as I felt it would give me a chance to use brighter happier colours as I thought it was a happier part of the story in comparison to the dark gloomy feeling that I got through most of the story. It was a lot of fun making a bright image but I felt that the experimentation of colours were very limited in this image.

I love using colour in my work but I think I’ll go back to using black to outline some of my artwork. I like how strong black can be on the page compared to the colours surrounding it and if used in the right way black can be a very powerful tool.


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