Henri Matisse Workshop

Today we learnt about Henri Matisse a French artist who became wheelchair bound later on his career. What makes him interesting is he didn’t stop making art in fact a lot of his most popular work was after he became wheelchair bound. Matisse used an assistant to help him create huge pieces of artwork that used bold eye-catching colours.

We were given a task to pair up and one of us had to be Matisse and the other the assistant. We could cut and rip pieces of paper but we was not allowed to place them on the wall this was down to the assistant with the guidance of the other person. I found it a real struggle to communicate with my partner with how I wanted it to be displayed on the wall and it was quite frustrating not being able to handle the pieces of coloured paper myself. This was my effort which I must admit I didn’t really like all that much.


Although not randomly placed I didn’t get a grasp of what I wanted to create. When my partner acted as Matisse and I was the assistant we came up with a much better piece of art that I was quite proud of. My partner carefully cut out the pieces so that they all linked in whereas I went for a more random approach that didn’t end up working out too well. My partners piece is shown below.


I’ve never done anything like this before so it was quite interesting to create art this way but it’s shown me that I like to be in control of my own artwork. It was also quite interesting using coloured pieces of paper this way to create some interesting pieces of work, although I wasn’t very happy with my end product some of the artwork created was very detailed and thought out.


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