Researching my surroundings

To get a feel of the short story we have been given I decided to take things outside. Today was quite a cold wet day with some heavy showers of rain and to me the weather fitted in nicely with some of the weather in the story so I went out to experience it for myself and get a feel of how the weather made me feel.

The cold damp weather put a dull miserably mood on the day even though it was still quite bright and nice outside, it made me feel cold and almost miserable myself. I love the sun and have always thought that rain ruins days out because of the damp wet horrible feel I get when I’m outside in the rain.

Above is a photo I took of the river as the rain came down, although the weather was miserable watching the rain hit the river was quite relaxing and with each splash new patterns formed, in some ways it was the only nice thing about my walk in the rain.

Wall During my walk I came across an old wall that made me think about the prison mentioned in the story. The wall was tall, strong and surrounded a large house almost like the walls of a prison surrounding the prisoners to prevent escape. The wall looked old and shown signs of wear throughout the years with moss growing all over it, I think what really caught my eyes were the range of dark and light colours that covered each stone. Some were stained black were as others were quite a bright orange, if anything the prison wall in the story could be quite an interesting colour palette to work with.

As I continued on my walk I came across the church which I pass each day on the walk to university, I thought it would be an interesting place to look around as the church is surrounded my a graveyard and this is one of the scenes that comes up in the story. The graveyard gave off quite a creepy unnerving sense especially with the miserable rain coming down around me. It all felt very dark and gloomy but the bright green grass conflicted with the dark moss covered gravestones and brightened the place up a bit. For me I imagined the graveyard in the story to be very creepy and scary considering that part of the story was set in the later hours of the day so maybe I didn’t get the right feel of the graveyard in regards to the book. Nevertheless the whole place made me feel sad and uneasy, for a graveyard colour palette I think dark shades of browns and greens would be very suited to the unnerving nature of the place.


It was nice when I got back to my flat and was back in the warm and I started to feel more comfortable and relaxed again. The walk was definitely worth while as it gave me a good insight into what kind of environment and emotions the writer was trying to create within the story. From the walk I think a dark palette would be best to represent the story but I’m going to attempt to use brighter colours to highlight key parts in my drawings to make them stand out from the gloomy surroundings.


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