Leaning from the steep slope

Today we read through the short story which are project is based on and annotated around the sheet with thoughts and feelings that we felt could be interesting to visually represent. After doing that we then created a colour palette that could be used for the story, for me a lot of the story felt quite dull and dark so I shown this with quite a dark range of colours. The lighter colours would mostly be used for the sky and possibly the lighting of the local pub.

Whilst creating the colour palette I made a quick drawing of the observation tower looking over the sea which I felt was quite an important part of the short story and will most likely be coming back to it in the close future.

Colour Palette

We were then asked to draw out two more scenes from the story using the paints in any style we wanted, I chose to keep mine simple yet easily recognisable. As this was really just a quick exercise to make us experiment with our colour palette I took the opportunity to see what interesting colours I could combine. I decided to paint the prison tower and the insides of the local pub.

I’m looking forward to experimenting more and seeing what I feel is best to represent some of the scenes in this story and think that the outcome will be very interesting and in some ways quite challenging. I’m used to sketching out my work and being very neat with tight outlines but we have been told we cannot use black or white and should try to stay away from outlining the images. This is a completely different style of illustrating that I’m used to but I look forward to the challenge and am always up for trying new things.

Prison and Pub


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