Colour Project

Today was the start of our second project all to do with colour. It was quite a free experimental day where we were told to create lots of different colour swatches mixing different primary colours to see what new colours we could create. I’ve always loved working in colour so I loved playing with the watercolours and mixing up colours to make some really interesting swatches. After creating a range of swatches using a mix of red, blue and yellow we were told to choose the ones we liked best and create them again but bigger. I then asked people around me how the colours made them feel or what they thought about when looking at the colour and the results were very varied, for example some saw the red as a warm welcoming colour whereas others thought about the devil.

SwatchesLarge Swatches

Using different colours I created two identical abstract images, although same in shape the colours gave a different mood and feel to the shapes, to be the green design feels more natural whereas the blue design feels more mechanical and cold. The shapes were completely random but it was just nice to play around and experiment with how different colours can makes images feel.


It’s amazing how powerful colour is when it comes to illustration, it can create mood, give a sensation of temperature and make the page come alive by using overpowering bright colours to create a main focus on the page. Story books use colours all the time to create a main focus on the characters, this is sometimes done by using a brighter colour or by using a less focused blurry background so that our eyes automatically focus on the bright colourful characters on the page.

Some colours compliment each other where as others overpower and overshadow the rest of the page and it’s important as an illustrator to know what colours these are and how to use them effectively.

As an extra piece of work I used the leaf in my earlier project to create a colour palette which is below. Although at first I just saw it as a brown leaf it’s actually made up of a lot of different colours such as greens and oranges too.

Leaf Palette

I’m looking forward to learning more about how to use colours correctly and think this project will be one of my favourites because I love to use bright eye catching colours in my own work.


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