Words to draw by

This one week project encouraged me to interpret words visually using a range of mark marking. At first we were given a list of words which included words such as ‘twisting’, ‘wobbly’, and ‘dragging’ and I was challenged to represent these words visually on a piece of paper. Although it sounded like an easy task it was actually quite difficult represented the words in a way that others would understand when they looked at the images, for example with the word ‘dragging’ I dragged my hand over the page which to anyone else would have just looked a line but to me it meant something.

I decided to keep my drawing media simple and used a pencil and red pen to create my mark making which I think turned out quite nicely as none of the drawings over shadowed the rest. I could also manipulate the pencil to make darker and thicker lines when necessary.

We were then given a leaf and were asked to think up our own words and use mark making to represent them. This was actually really interesting as the leaf was curved and holey so to represent this on my page I decided to bend, crinkle and damage the same page rather than attempt to draw something down. Leaf

Below is my finished page, it might not make much sense to anyone but to me each mark represents a word. It’s interesting to think that something that can mean so much to one person means so little to another.

Sheet one

After completing my first sheet I was able to choose an item from a table, I decided to pick up a weed because of all the interesting details and variety of patterns it had to offer. Once again I was asked to visually represent what I was looking at so I imaged how the weed would feel and drew down my feelings on the page.


I decided to use a light brown paper as I felt it would assist in the natural look and feel of the weeds representation, I also changed media to more neutral and natural colours. I imaged the weed as if it was still alive in a filed and felt it flowing in the breeze which I then represented by long flowing lines. Although very small there were a lot of interesting patterns in the leaves and the roots of the weed which I attempted to create on the page. I also used some of the mud left on the roots of the leaves to mark make which I felt added a new dimension to the mark making on the page, rather than it all being normal drawing media such as pens and pencil. Below is my finished page which shows the life and textures of the weed.WeedUsing my mark making from the past two sheets I were asked to create a storyboard and create the characters for my story out of the marks on the sheets. At first it was quite hard to see any character forming from the marks I made but I decided to choose the marks that looked the most interesting and see what I could come up with.

After finishing my storyboard I asked others to look at the images and try to guess what the story was about, although very different to the story I was trying to make it was interesting to find out how others interrupted my drawings. I like the fact that the story has no words so the audience has too look at the images one by one to work out what’s happening for themselves and use their imagination. Below is my finished story, I’m not going to tell you what it’s about as I want other to interpret it by themselves as I feel this could create some really interesting and different stories, feel free to post a comment below with your interpretation.



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